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Take Your Life To The Next Level 4 Day Intensive

Radically Transform Your Life In 4 Days

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Mount Shasta, California

August 30 – September 2, 2019



Sydney, Australia
November 2019 (Dates coming soon)

If you’ve been experiencing fear, anxiety, worry, stress, hurt, betrayal, disappointment, judgment, guilt, shame, blame, frustration or even anger… you have been experiencing life through the illusion of separation…..instead of experiencing the REAL YOU.

This 4-day Intensive with Rikka is designed to take apart the foundation of limitation that has unconsciously been creating your life. Then, together we will create a new foundation which is in complete alignment with Source energy.

This new life will fulfill you beyond whatever you previously thought possible.  You will get to enjoy every moment of your life because you are experiencing the REAL YOU instead of the illusion of separation.

In this place you can be anything, have anything, and choose anything: a future that is better than anything you can imagine. During these 4 days, I will give you the step-by-step tools, processes, and vibrational shifts that I personally used to create my own DREAM LIFE.

Awakening Your Divine Superpowers

Access your hidden ability and potential to create your Magical Life

Kohala Coast, Hawaii
October 27th – November 2nd 2019

In just 7 beautiful days with Rikka, you will energetically transform on every level and return to the magical essence of who you truly are.

I will energetically unveil your Divine Superpowers with new advanced tools that are only available within the highest vibration in perfect alignment. Using this potent alignment, you will be guided step-by-step into creating the most magical life.

This retreat is designed to authentically empower you to embody your highest self!

Each retreat is customized to the specific energy, needs, desires and karma of those in attendance so that I can specifically help you step into a total transformation.

Even in this group setting, I will be able to work with your energy one-on-one so that whatever dreams you are hoping to manifest can come true. Whatever hurdles you are ready to overcome can be removed. And I can open the door to your chosen reality and help you step through.

This experiential retreat is designed to bring us into total alignment with Source as we play with the concentrated energy that is present on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii.

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