Awakening Your Wild and Sacred Heart

A Three Day Immersion to Restore your Self-Love Within

Sedona, Arizona –
August 23-25, 2024


A Note from

Rikka Zimmerman

Welcome, my sweet love, to a profound experience into your wild and sacred heart!  Here, we explore self-love, the single most transformative choice you can make—reshaping every aspect of your existence–your health, your relationships, and your capacity to attract more abundance and opportunities.

Every particle of the Universe vibrates with unconditional love, and it is working to manifest the most loving, miraculous, and magical outcomes for you.

Yet, if there is any part of you that remains unloved, it’s like a signal to the Universe that you’re not ready to receive the fullness of what Source and the angels want to give you.

You may not realize it now, but everything in your life would be different if you loved YOU.  EVERYTHING.

Every interaction would feel different, the way you feel in your body would be different, waking up in the morning would be different, the way you perceive every moment would be different.  Self-Love is a BIG DEAL.  Self-Love is the biggest deal there is!

During our three days together, I’ll guide you into the heart of your own self-love. We’ll remove the barriers that have kept you from fully loving yourself and unlock the door to a life where you are celebrated, cherished, and aligned with the loving vibrations of the Universe.

Join me, and let’s transform the way you live, love, and interact with the world. This isn’t just about learning to love yourself—it’s about setting your life on a course that is rich with infinite possibilities.

Self-love is your birthright. Let’s claim it together.

Transform Your Reality with Self-Love

During this three-day immersion, we will delve into the core aspects of self-love, uncovering and healing the layers that have kept you from fully embracing your own worth.

Through guided meditations, interactive sessions, and heart-opening exercises, you will discover just how impactful loving yourself can be.

Key Highlights Include:

Embracing Self-Love: Heal any experiences of not being loved that are still trapped within your heart.

Healing Deep-Set Emotional Wounds: Experience transformative processes that guide you through healing traumatic experiences which have blocked you from experiencing that love that you are.

Reclaiming Your Inner Divinity: Clear the beliefs that have led you to see yourself as less than Divine and recognize yourself as worthy, deserving, and infinitely enough.

Practices for Continuous Self-Love: Learn simple, yet powerful techniques to continually affirm your worth and embrace self-love. These practices will ensure you maintain a connection to your newfound self-love, helping you to see yourself as beautiful, capable, and worthy every single day.

Sacred Ceremony for Deepening Love: A magical Self-Love Ceremony on using Mother Mary Internal Rose Drops for a unique heart-opening experience. These sacred practices help solidify your commitment to loving yourself unconditionally.

Activating Your Infinite Worthiness: Acknowledge your contributions to humanity and boost your sense of worthiness. This activation helps reinforce your identity as a pivotal force of love in the world.

Experiencing Infinite Receiving: Engage in an exercise of Infinite Receiving, where you and other participants will openly give and receive love. This powerful practice will help break down barriers to accepting love, enhancing your ability to receive the goodness the universe offers.

Each of these elements is designed not just to teach you about self-love, but to let you experience and embody it fully, so every day feels like a joyous celebration of your true self.

Join Us for 3 Days of Powerful Facilitation, Realignment Activations, Energy Transmissions, Sound Healings and more!

Event Dates & Schedule

August 23 – 25, 2024

(The below schedule is subject to slight changes as we draw closer to the event.)

In-Person Schedule

Friday, August 23rd

8:30 Registration

9:30am- 1:30pm Pacific – Morning Facilitation with Rikka

1:30pm- 4:30pm Pacific- Lunch & Self Reflection

4:30pm- 6:45pm Pacific – Evening Facilitation with Rikka

Saturday, August 24th

9:30am- 1:30pm Pacific – Morning Facilitation with Rikka

1:30pm- 4:30pm Pacific- Lunch & Self Reflection

4:30pm- 6:45pm Pacific – Evening Facilitation with Rikka

Sunday, August 25th

9:30am- 1:30pm Pacific – Morning Facilitation with Rikka

1:30pm- 4:30pm Pacific- Lunch & Self Reflection

4:30pm- 6:45pm Pacific – Evening Facilitation with Rikka

Livestream Schedule

Friday, August 23rd

9:45- 1:30pm- Morning Facilitation

1:30- 4:45pm – Lunch & Reflection

4:45- 6:30pm- Afternoon Facilitation

Saturday, August 24th

9:45- 1:30pm- Morning Facilitation

1:30- 4:45pm – Lunch & Reflection

4:45- 6:30pm- Afternoon Facilitation

Sunday, August 25th

9:45- 1:30pm- Morning Facilitation

1:30- 4:45pm – Lunch & Reflection

4:45- 6:30pm- Afternoon Facilitation


Powerful Facilitation

Laugh, learn and play as Rikka guides you into your wild and sacred heart. Each retreat is tailored specifically to the energy of the participants and is fertile ground for monumental breakthroughs to take place, propelling you towards your infinite potential.


Rikka will guide you to tap into your divine, sacred nature. Through powerful activations, you will unlock the dormant potential within, igniting your intuition and unleashing the magnificent light that resides within you. You’ll align with quantum consciousness and attract abundance, health, fulfilling relationships, and lasting happiness into your life.

Energy Transmission

Rikka has a unique ability to work directly with your energy no matter where you are in the world; empowering you to experience lasting expansion and growth. Her gift as a transformational energy alchemist will advance your process of embracing infinite possibilities and guide you into the highest frequency of Source consciousness.

Soul Family Gathering

Join a gathering of like-minded souls and bask in the loving energy of fellow seekers as you come together to explore the depths of your spiritual journey. This gathering is a sacred opportunity to forge connections, share heartfelt experiences, and ignite the spark of unity within your soul family. Experience the joy of belonging and the power of collective awakening as you embark on this unforgettable journey of love and connection.

Ceremonial Empowerments & Energy Exercises

Immerse yourself in a sacred realm of practices designed to embody and deepen the profound teachings you receive. Through guided meditations, sound healings, and energetic tonings, you will be supported by the angelic realms as you delve into the depths of your being. These sacred practices will harmonize your mind, body, and spirit, aligning you with the highest frequencies of healing, empowerment, and spiritual expansion.

Qigong for All Levels

Help your body integrate and work with the expansion of energy. Tai Chi Master Bill Smith will lead you through easy-to-follow exercises that  open the joints and gently stretch the muscles, tendons & ligaments, a perfect way to energize the body and being! (saturday and sunday only)

You Will Join Us In Community at the Stunning Performing Arts Center in Majestic Sedona, Arizona

Sedona Performing Arts Center
995 Upper Red Rock Loop Rd
Sedona, AZ 86336
(928) 204-6766

* You will be responsible for making your own travel & accommodation arrangements. Travel, lodging, and food are not included in the event price. *

Nearby Lodging

Courtyard Sedona by Marriot

4105 West State Route 89A,
Sedona, Arizona, USA, 86336
Tel: +1 928-325-0055

What people say about class with Rikka

My life will never be the same and I am more in touch with the love, light and joy that is me and my purpose on planet earth than I have ever been and wow, I am feeling it more and more every day!!!

I have been on the transformational path for 5 years and after much searching, seeking and striving this has finally brought me home…to me.

Melissa Bradley, founder of Love Your Magical Life

Before I left I wasn’t able to pay my rent and travel expenses, now my rent is flowing in with kindness, love and appreciation from old clients and new. I love my life! It’s so much fun being an angel  Hugs and appreciate beyond words to all of you.

Deni, Marietta, GA

I am now an absolute YES to fun, joy, love, infinite possibilities, I feel so much more free, and worry free and breathing much better, not letting myself, people and things affect me, and when it happens I shift so fast and easy, it is actually hilarious….

Those 3 days in Sedona were so transformative….so informative….so enlightening….beyond words… Rikka is such a joy to listen to. I’m so grateful she chose to share all those wonderful insights, and they are so true and amazing…

I’m discovering how fabulous it is to be me…. I’m still in awe about it all… I’m definitely served in the Highest….I feel like all of my life is such a blessing… and I swear I’m not on drugs just naturally high!

Alessandra, Florida

I released so much stress and tension in this class; I feel I have been lifted into a whole new way of being.

Clare R, Ireland

I learned that I love that warm, beautiful, precious tender self that I have always been, I just forgot. I know now how to surrender to the depths of my infinite self to bring me into total love. I feel so much more spacious, loving, self-loving, present, and purpose filled.

Arianna Z, Alberta

I experienced a divine homecoming and disintegration of the illusionary blocks and integration of my real loving, angelic essence.

David B, Los Angeles, CA

I received so much from this class! What I loved most is seeing my true self-divine love being, one with all, one with god. I feel total bliss and peace, and love. total love.

Natalia B., Atlanta, GA

Before this class, I had low self-esteem and lived in a very small, quiet box and didn’t allow many people in. As a result of this class, I feel complete and total forgiveness of my parents. I feel as though I’m bursting with love and complete acceptance for myself and others and a deep sense of connection with other people and my guides and angels.

Meg H, Washington

Rikka is so powerful and full of knowing, guidance and LOVE. I felt so loved in this class by her and all the others, more than I’ve felt in a millenium. I feel lighter, clearer, and more whole; I have me back!!

Madeleine W, Providence, RI

In this class, I opened the highway to heaven and met and experienced and embodied god. I came home to me in this class and it feels so great and possible to stay here infinitely.

Desiree G, France

I have moved into so much more love – being love and receiving love. The pain in my body has reduced and I am open and receptive.

Hilary, Switzerland

It’s your time to dive into the depths of self-love and awaken your wild and sacred heart. Embrace this profound opportunity to heal, reconnect, and fully love yourself. Don’t miss out—reclaim the love that’s always been yours and transform your life forever!