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August 30- Sept 2, 2019

Mount Shasta Resort

The Mount Shasta Resort where the event is being held has sold out. Therefore, you will want to book a hotel or a vacation rental nearby the venue. GO HERE for a list of hotels in Mount Shasta.


During Our 4 Days Together You Will:

  • Actually transform your life! You and your life will look different, feel different, and act differently!
  • Be fully empowered to be the conscious creator so that you can choose any life.
    Unveil the secret origin of the illusion of separation, and receive a powerful process to set your core free.
  • Raise your awareness to gain a full understanding of how the illusion of separation is constructed, so that you can outsmart all limitation.
  • Learn the tools and processes that set yourself free from any limited beliefs, vibrations or past experiences.
  • Set yourself free from the 8 unconscious patterns that keep you trapped in judgment.
  • Discover the 6 Principles of Source; to finally align with Universal truth to attain lasting happiness, freedom and fulfillment.
  • And so much more!


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Get ready to transform your life into the ABUNDANT, JOYFUL, FULFILLING, MAGICAL, LOVE FILLED LIFE of your DREAMS…

So much love,