The Abundant Life Blueprint

Discover How The 6 Principles Can Create Your Life Of True Success

Sydney,  Australia | November 15th – 17th, 2019

A Note from

Rikka Zimmerman

Are You Inadvertently Blocking Yourself From Receiving More Abundance?

So many of us (including myself at one point) stumble through life, operating on belief systems from our past, wondering what we’re doing wrong and why it’s so hard to create the change we so badly want and need.

The truth is, sometimes the most talented, amazing, beautiful, gifted beings (like you!) don’t allow themselves to have wealth.

I know – it sounds a bit silly, right? But I promise you, it’s true. Many people inadvertently block themselves from receiving what they want most.

But the good news is–you don’t have to be stuck, frustrated, and in lack ANY longer!

Abundance CAN be yours!

There are secrets to creating wealth that only the ones who have already walked that path know and I am going to share these secrets with you!

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See what a Life Transformed™ class is really like


activating yourself in the Abundance of Source Energy to permanently shift from lack to abundance in all areas of your life!

If you want to move out of lack or into greater realms of abundance then you must align with Source energy and its higher vibrational frequency. When you do, you’ll no longer struggle. Instead, the money you so richly deserve will flow right to you!

When you move into your highest vibrational frequency you will:

  • Stop repeating the lack of money story and instead invite abundance into your life
  • Receive, give, and save money in ways that feel amazing and expand your heart and being
  • Align with Source’s infinite menu of possibility where money, relationships and healing can show up in ways that seem out of logical reality
  • Learn the process for manifesting more wealth into your life, so that you can build the life you’ve always wanted
  • Function from total awareness instead of being blinded by beliefs
  • Experience the real secret to having any life you desire, living and choosing from Source alignment
  • And so much more!

Sounds pretty amazing, right? I promise you, it is!

I used this very same process and went from being $80,000 in debt to making my first million dollars in 2012. Trust me–it worked for me, it has worked for hundreds of others, and it will work for YOU!

Join Us for 3 Days of Powerful Facilitation, Realignment Activations, Sacred Alchemy, Sound Healings and so much more!

During our time together, you will:

  • Release any past content of worry, fear, lack or scarcity about money
  • Activate the frequency of the abundant wealth that is waiting for you
  • Receive a higher level of abundant love and fulfilment in your relationships
  • Bathe yourself in abundant unconditional, infinite and unwavering love
  • Activate your body in the abundance of source energy
  • Step into abundant joy in your life purpose
  • Move beyond separation and into Source alignment
  • And so much more!

Event Dates & Schedule

November 15th – 17th, 2019

9:00 am


10:00 am – 1:30 pm

Class with Rikka

1:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Lunch on own & Personal Time

4:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Class with Rikka

9:30 am – 1:30 pm

Class with Rikka

1:30 pm – 3:30 pm

Lunch on own & Personal Time

3:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Class with Rikka

9:30 am – 1:30 pm

Class with Rikka

1:30 pm – 3:30 pm

Lunch on own & Personal Time

3:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Class with Rikka

Arrival & Departure:

If you are traveling to Sydney for this class, we recommend you arrive the day before class on November 14th and registration will be at 9am on November 15th. Class ends 4:30pm on November 17.


Get All the Pieces of the Puzzle for Total Transformation

Powerful Facilitation

Experience powerful transformation as you laugh, learn, and play as Rikka guides you to align with Source energy. Each retreat is tailored specifically to the energy of the participants and this is where you will make some of your biggest breakthroughs and transformations.

Energy Shifting Activations

Rikka will guide you into your own Divine, sacred nature–opening your intuition and unleashing the magnificent light within you so you can transform wealth, health, relationships and overall happiness in just 4 days.

Ceremonial Empowerments & Energy Exercises from Ancient Wisdom Traditions

Work with our Energetic Superstars to embody and deepen the teachings through sound healing, essential oil alchemies and more!

Join Us for

3 Life-Changing Days with Rikka

bring a friend for free!

* more details on this page *

The retail value of this 3 day event with Rikka is $997! But you don't pay that. You pay only $197 for 3 life-changing days with Rikka...


Only $197 AUD

Have Questions? Contact Marita Wright.
Phone: 6 (140) 825-7128

When You Register, You BRING A FRIEND FOR FREE!

Let’s exponentially spread abundance throughout the world therefore upgrading the vibration of the collective consciousness!

There is miraculous power that occurs when we come together.

Because of our natural abilities to love, support and nurture unconditionally– we not only help heal and lift each other up, we also send this incredible vibration out into the world.

(After you register, you will receive an email in the upcoming days to RSVP your friend. Start asking around NOW!)

Why I’m Offering This Live Event for Just $197

Because consider this…what if you could show up in the world as the abundant, loving, joyful, fun, vibrant, free, magnificent person that you innately ARE… and spread that contagious energy to everyone who crosses your path?

Think what an impact this would have on your own life, and then how it would positively affect those around you, and then the people who encounter those people… it’s the ripple effect!

In this way, we have the biggest impact on the Collective Consciousness of our precious planet.

My in-person events are usually upward of $1,000, but once a year, I offer a class that can touch as many people as possible. Since money is one of the biggest blocks for most people to show-up, I have made this a no-brainer, and eliminated that (preconceived) block!

During these 3  Days You Will:

  • Stop playing small to avoid judgment and release the resistance and fear
  • Connect with the bright, brilliant, beautiful message you are here to share with the world
  • Step into the greatness you are destined for – and start living the life of your dreams
  • Enjoy deep, meaningful relationships full of love
  • And so much more!


Castlereagh Boutique Hotel

169 Castlereagh Street Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia

A touch of “old-world charm” with a convenient location in the heart of Sydney CBD.

The Castlereagh Boutique Hotel is a beautiful, heritage-listed building with 83 boutique hotel rooms and elegantly-restored bar, dining and function areas.

Our location on bustling Castlereagh Street, in between Hyde Park and the Queen Victoria Building, offers a convenient and affordable CBD hotel stay for corporate and leisure guests with theatres, shopping and Sydney’s best dining all nearby.


Check Out Rikka’s Workshop In Sunshine Coast Qld

How to Magically Heal and Transform any Aspect of Your Life

November 9th from 1-5 pm

During this workshop you will:

  • Discover the energetic solution to transform any part of your body and life.
  • Experience Rikka’s Six Step Healing System that will allow you to create transformation with any emotional or physical trauma.
  • Awaken your innate healing capacities to use in your life, or the lives of your clients.
  • Discover the mysterious properties of working with Selenite Swords of light and Rikka’s secret healing techniques.

Cost: $40 AUD

Where:  Bloomhill Centre, 58 Ballinger Road, BUDERIM QLD 4556

What people say about class with Rikka

My life will never be the same and I am more in touch with the love, light and joy that is me and my purpose on planet earth than I have ever been and wow, I am feeling it more and more every day!!!

I have been on the transformational path for 5 years and after much searching, seeking and striving this has finally brought me home…to me.

Melissa Bradley, founder of Love Your Magical Life

Before I left I wasn’t able to pay my rent and travel expenses, now my rent is flowing in with kindness, love and appreciation from old clients and new. I love my life! It’s so much fun being an angel  Hugs and appreciate beyond words to all of you.

Deni, Marietta, GA

I released so much stress and tension in this class; I feel I have been lifted into a whole new way of being.

Clare R, Ireland

I learned that I love that warm, beautiful, precious tender self that I have always been, I just forgot. I know now how to surrender to the depths of my infinite self to bring me into total love. I feel so much more spacious, loving, self-loving, present, and purpose filled.

Arianna Z, Alberta

I experienced a divine homecoming and disintegration of the illusionary blocks and integration of my real loving, angelic essence.

David B, Los Angeles, CA

I received so much from this class! What I loved most is seeing my true self-divine love being, one with all, one with god. I feel total bliss and peace, and love. total love.

Natalia B., Atlanta, GA

Before this class, I had low self-esteem and lived in a very small, quiet box and didn’t allow many people in. As a result of this class, I feel complete and total forgiveness of my parents. I feel as though I’m bursting with love and complete acceptance for myself and others and a deep sense of connection with other people and my guides and angels.

Meg H, Washington

Rikka is so powerful and full of knowing, guidance and LOVE. I felt so loved in this class by her and all the others, more than I’ve felt in a millenium. I feel lighter, clearer, and more whole; I have me back!!

Madeleine W, Providence, RI

In this class, I opened the highway to heaven and met and experienced and embodied god. I came home to me in this class and it feels so great and possible to stay here infinitely.

Desiree G, France

I have moved into so much more love – being love and receiving love. The pain in my body has reduced and I am open and receptive.

Hilary, Switzerland

Join Us for

3 Life-Changing Days with Rikka

bring a friend for free!

* more details on this page *

The retail value of this 3 day event with Rikka is $997! But you don't pay that. You pay only $197 for 3 life-changing days with Rikka...


Only $197 AUD

Have Questions? Contact Marita Wright.
Phone: 6 (140) 825-7128

Offer Details

Live In Person Events: Adventure in Oneness® does not offer program refunds for any reason. There is no drop-out option. To protect the integrity and quality of the Life Transformed™ experience for all participants, participation in the program is nontransferable.

* Price does not include travel, accommodations or food. *